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INTRODUCTION: Seattle Recreation and the North Cascades

Snow Sports in the
North Cascades

With snow throughout much of the North Cascades most seasons of the year, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling are all exciting (and sometimes dangerous) ways to explore the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. This section of our website covers all four sports. Please check back soon for new articles on snowshoeing and snowmobiling.

NEW: Side by Side Comparison of Washington State's Most Popular Ski / Snowboard Resorts Alpine Snowboarding

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MT. BAKER SKI RESORT - Located east of Bellingham on Mount Baker Highway (Hwy 542), Mt. Baker has long been a popular ski resort in Western Washington. Of course, Baker is well known among snowboarders for being a favorite pick for snowboarding, with a designated terrain-park and half pipe. Keep in mind that Mt. Baker is also a volcano -- the best ride down the mountain might be fleeing a wall of lava and rock, so make sure you remember to check over your shoulder for smoke rising from the dome from time to time.

Mountain Stats

Elevation: Base 3,500'; Summit 5050';

Vertical: 1,500 ft; Acres: 1,000 total

Terrain: 38 named runs, 24% Beginner; 45% Intermediate; 31% Advanced

Longest Run: 9,187 ft

Average Annual Snowfall: 645 inches

Lift Capacity: 9 lifts

CRYSTAL MOUNTAIN SKI RESORT - Calling itself "Washington's Largest Winter Playground", Crystal Mountain offers skiing and snowboarding, as well as tons of group lessons, private lessons, and a "Kid's Club", where your children are given a balanced amount of instruction, play, exercise, and rest. There are multi-week lesson times, and a "Snow Bunny" course that teaches children ages 4-6 how to ski (6 week program). For the adults, there are more great lesson packages. For example, "Team Freeride", which is "designed for the advanced to expert skier or snowboarder". At, check out their High Adventure Programs like the "Guided Mountain Tours", "Alpine Wilderness Snowshoe Tours", "Miles Smart Steep Camp", and the "Adult Freeride Camp". Be sure to also ask about the "Youth Freeskiing Camp", and also "Tracey's Womens Clinic". Crystal Mountain has good rental shop prices (if you need to rent a ski or snowboard, boots and / or poles). Crystal Mountain also has a "Demo Center", where you can test the "hottest performance equipment on the market".

Mountain Stats

Elevation: Base 4,400'; Summit 6,872'; Silver King 7,012'; Lower Northway 3,912'

Vertical: 3,100 ft; Acres: 2,600 total; 2,300 lift serviced; 300 in-bounds backcountry

Terrain: 57 named runs, 11% Beginner; 54% Intermediate; 35% Advanced

Longest Run: Kelly's Gap 8,130 ft (1.54 miles)

Average Annual Snowfall: 350 inches

Lift Capacity: 20,310 passengers/hr; 11 lifts, 2 high speed 6 passenger; 2 high speed quads; 2 triple chairs; 4 double chairs; 1 kids surface lift

MISSION RIDGE SKI AND BOARD RESORT - Mission Ridge is in the heart of Washington State where jagged peaks of the Cascade Range meet the high rugged desert of Eastern Washington. A volcanic past has created a ridge where on one side snowcapped peaks shimmer and on the other the Columbia River rolls majestically through Eastern Washington. But don't let the view distract you, Mission Ridge has over 2000 acres to explore. Carve tree lined groomers, float through wide open bowls, wiggle through glades, or scream down narrow chutes. Now throw in tons of sunshine, heaps of dry snow and reams of velvety corduroy and you have Washington's most distinctive winter playground.

Mountain Stats

Elevation: Base 4,570'; Summit 6,820';

Vertical: 2,250 ft; Acres: 2,080 total;

Terrain: 36 named runs, 4 bowls, 1 terrain park, 10% Beginner; 60% Intermediate; 30% Advanced/Expert

Longest Run: 26,400 ft

Average Annual Snowfall: 150 inches

Lift Capacity: 1 High Speed Quad, 3 fixed grip doubles, 2 rope tows

Also: Still offer child care ages 3 months and up; Season Passholders ride local bus transit to the ski area for FREE.

STEVENS PASS SKI RESORT - Located where Highway 2 crosses over the Pacific Crest Trail, Stevens Pass Ski Resort offers a "front-side" and "back-side" open to both skiing and snowboarding. Stevens Pass has over 37 major runs and 1,125 acres of terrain. Of those 37 major runs, two are high speed quads. On the front side of the park, Stevens Pass also offers night time operation, with a number of popular runs and much of the snowboard parks near Brooks chair well-lit for skiing and snowboarding. In recent years, Stevens Pass has also operated a park for inner-tubing (but we suggest you call to check on the status of the tube-park first, before you make the trip). For snowboarders (and a few skiers with an itch for risk) there is also a terrain-park and half-pipe.

Mountain Stats

Elevation: Base 4,061'; Summit 5,845';

Vertical: 1,800 ft; Acres: 1,125 total

Terrain: 37 named runs, 11% Beginner; 54% Intermediate; 35% Advanced

Longest Run: 5,800 ft

Average Annual Snowfall: 450 inches

Lift Capacity: 10 lifts

THE SUMMIT AT SNOQUALMIE - The Summit at Snoqualmie offers a terrain-park and half-pipe; user-reviews report that what this resort offers snowboarders goes a lot further than this however. In fact, it's reported that the Summit at Snoqualmie has numerous terrain-parks, two banked slaloms, and a superpipe. All together, the Summit at Snoqualmie may offer the best terrain-parks in all of Washington.

Mountain Stats

Elevation: Base 3,000'; Summit 5,400';

Vertical: 2,400 ft; Acres: 1,916 total;

Terrain: 96 named runs, 15% Beginner; 42% Intermediate; 16% Advanced; 27% Experts Only

Longest Run: 7,920 ft

Average Annual Snowfall: 405 inches

Lift Capacity: 30 lifts

WHITE PASS SKI RESORT - Like most major resorts nowadays, White Pass also has a terrain-park and half-pipe.

Mountain Stats

Elevation: Base 4,500'; Summit 6,000';

Vertical: 1,500 ft; Acres: 635 total

Terrain: 32 named runs, 20% Beginner; 60% Intermediate; 20% Advanced

Longest Run: 13,200 ft

Average Annual Snowfall: 350 inches

Lift Capacity: 5 lifts

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