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INTRODUCTION: Seattle Recreation and the North Cascades

Mountain Loop Highway Recreation

Mountain Loop Highway Hiking
Mountain Loop Highway Campgrounds
Mountain Loop Highway Biking

The Mountain Loop Highway runs from Granite Falls and into the Cascade Mountains, winding past Mt. Pilchuck, and ending at Barlow pass.

Photo by Tom Hughes, Lake 22 Photo by Tom Hughes, Lake 22 Photo by Tom Hughes, Lake 22 Photo by Tom Hughes, Lake 22 Photo by Tom Hughes, Lake 22 Photo by Tom Hughes, Lake 22

Popular Hiking Trails on the Mountain Loop Highway

Please note that many of the following trails are covered by snow in the late fall through early spring. As of May 29, 2008, many of these trails are still covered by snow and a few are even labeled by the forest service for being at risk of AVALANCHE. It is a good idea to become familiar with avalanche conditions, so that you can recognize the danger signs when you're in the mountains, and avoid any trails that are unsafe.

In addition, some of the roads leading to these trails have been damaged by storms, which will add distance to your hike. Check with the U.S. forest service website, under Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest - Hiking and Trails - Mountain Loop Highway Area to find out which roads have been effected, as well as snow conditions, and if the trail you plan to hike is at risk of avalanche.

Mountain Loop Highway, from Granite Falls:

Ashland Lakes Trail - 3.5 miles - Easy

Bald Eagle Trail - 9.5 miles - Most Difficult

Bald Mountain Trail - 10 miles - Varies

Barlow Point Trail - 1 mile - More Difficult

Big Four Ice Caves - 1 mile - Easy

Boardman Lake and Lake Evan Trail - 0.8 mile - Easy

Canyon Lake Trail - 2.1 miles - Easy

Elliot Creek (Goat Lake) Trail - 5.2 miles - More Difficult

Glacier Basin Trail - 2.1 miles - More Difficult

Heather Lake Trail - 1.9 miles - More Difficult

Independence Lake Trail - 0.7 miles - More Difficult

Kelcema Lake Trail - 0.6 miles - Moderate

Lake Twenty-Two Trail - 2.7 miles - More Difficult

Lost Creek Ridge Trail - 11 miles - Most Difficult

Mallardy Ridge Trail - 3.5 miles - More Difficult

Marten Creek Trail - 3 miles - Most Difficult

Mt. Dickerman Trail - 4.3 miles - Most Difficult

Mt. Forgotten and Perry Creek Trail - 3.8 miles - More Difficult

Mt. Pilchuck Lookout Trail - 3 miles - Most Difficult

North Lake Trail - 2.4 miles - Most Difficult

Old Government Trail - 2 miles - Easy

Monte Cristo Trail / Old Monte Cristo Townsite - 4 miles - More Difficult

Old Robe Trail (Robe Canyon) - 2.2 miles - More Difficult

Pass Lake Trail - 0.5 mile - More Difficult

Pinnacle Lake Trail - 1.9 miles - More Difficult

Poodle Dog Pass - Silver Lake - Twin Lakes - 4.4 miles - Most Difficult

Sunrise Mine Trail - 2.6 miles - Most Difficult

Three Fingers, Goat Flats, Saddle Lake - 6.7 miles - Most Difficult

Weden Creek Trail (Gothic Basin) - 3.3 miles - Most Difficult

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Mountain Loop Highway, from Darrington:

Beaver Lake - 1 mile - Easy

Crystal Lake - 2.5 miles - More Difficult

Eight-Mile - 2.5 miles - Most Difficult

Frog Lake - 1 mile - More Difficult

Kennedy Ridge Trail - 2 miles - More Difficult

Meadow Mountain - 17.5 miles - Most Difficult

Mt. Pugh - 3.5 miles - Most Difficult

North Fork Sauk Falls - 0.2 miles - Easy

North Fork Sauk (connects with Pacific Crest Trail) - 8.4 miles - Most Difficult

Old Sauk - 3 miles - Easy

Peek-A-Boo Lake - 2.2 miles - More Difficult

Pilo Ridge - 11 miles - Most Difficult

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