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INTRODUCTION: Seattle Recreation and the North Cascades

Hiking Trails on Highway 20 / North Cascades Highway

The North Cascades stretch hundreds of square miles and contain mountain peaks, valleys, rivers, streams, waterfalls, and an assortment of wildlife. Most hiking trails and places to camp in the North Cascades can be accessed by two major highways: Highway 20 (North Cascades Highway), and Highway 530, which leads from Highway 9 to Darrington, and then continues north, to connect with Highway 20.

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Highway 20 Hiking Trails - North Cascades Highway

Diobsud Creek - 1 mile - More Difficult

Sauk Lake - 3.5 miles - More Difficult

Sauk Mountain - 2.1 miles - More Difficult

Highway 20 Hiking Trails - Cascade River Road

Hidden Lake - 4.5 miles - More Difficult

Lookout Mountain - Monogram Lake - 4.9 miles - More Difficult

Middle Fork - Cascade River - 3.5 miles - More Difficult

Slide Lake - 1.4 miles - Easy

South Fork Cascade River - 8 miles - Easy

Highway 530 Hiking Trails

Suiattle Road Hiking Trails (Northeast of Darrington)

Buck Creek Pass - 5 miles - Most Difficult

Canyon Lake - 6 miles - More Difficult

Downey Creek - 6.6 miles - Easy

Dusty Creek - 3.5 miles - Most Difficult

Gamma Ridge - 6 miles - Most Difficult

Grassy Point - 3.5 miles - More Difficult

Green Mountain - 4 miles - More Difficult

Huckleberry Mountain - 7 miles - Most Difficult

Milk Creek - 6.5 miles - More Difficult

Miners Ridge - 9.9 miles - Most Difficult

Pacific Crest Trail - 47.5 miles (segment) - Easy to Most Difficult

Suiattle River - 10.8 miles - More Difficult

Sulphur Creek - 1.8 miles - Easy

Sulphur Mountain - 5 miles - Most Difficult

Upper Suiattle River - 7 miles - More Difficult

Find a Hike in the North Cascades

Primitive Camping in the North Cascades
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